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Amid Privacy Fallout, Facebook Announces New Smart Home Device

In November the company will roll out Facebook Portal, a voice-activated webcam that can be used for video chats.
Posted at 6:55 PM, Oct 08, 2018

Facebook now wants access to your living room. 

The social media company announced Monday that it's creating a smart home webcam called Facebook Portal. The device, which comes in two sizes, is meant for video chats. It also features voice assistant Alexa along with music-listening and video-watching capabilities. 

Facebook's move to launch Portal comes amid fallout over recent data privacy scandals.

In September, an unknown hacker compromised the accounts of almost 50 million people who used the "View As" profile feature. 

And earlier this year, it was revealed that millions of users' information was shared without consent with research firm Cambridge Analytica

But it looks like Facebook anticipated those concerns. The company says privacy was built into every layer of the product, pointing users to a page outlining Portal's security safeguards

Facebook says it doesn't listen to or save the contents of the video calls, adding that the camera and microphone can be disabled with a tap of the touchscreen. 

The device will be available for purchase in November. 

We should also mention that Portal will feature Newsy content.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.