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Rumors Aside, What Will Definitely Come Out Of Apple's Event

Disregard the rumors — here are a few things we know are sure to follow Apple's big announcement today.
Posted at 9:21 AM, Sep 09, 2014

Ahead of Apple's big 9/9 announcement, the rumor mill has been running at full tilt, but let's take a minute to forget about everything you might be able to expect, or what could be announced: here are some things you can count on.

With every Apple announcement, even Steve Jobs' legendary reveals, comes fallout from those who don't really buy the hype. (Video via CNN)

As Forbes points out every major iPhone announcement has been met with criticism from some sectors. In fact, the writer argues, "Apple’s new releases typically draw more predictions of doom than success ... There is an undercurrent of hate towards Apple that is a function of jealousy over the company’s success and its 'arrogance' both real and perceived."

Another thing you can count on is the price of previous generation iPhones, like the iPhone 5s and 5c going down after the announcement. (Video via Apple)

Target is already offering the iPhone 5s — the latest generation before Tuesday's announcement — for $100, with a contract. That's down from $200.

And for its little brother, the 5c? 

WHOI: "You can now get an iPhone 5c at Wal-Mart for just 97 cents with a two year contract."

Of course there are contract fees, but that's 97 cents for a phone that launched at $100 less than a year ago. 

Still, Quartz says even that's not worth it because, "If things go as in years past, prices for all the available models of the iPhone will shift down a rung, which means the 5C would be free."

But that's getting dangerously close to speculation, so let's reel it in and talk about what your options are if you really want the latest greatest thing from Apple and you're willing to trade in your current tech to get it.

JENNIFER JOLLY, USA TODAY: "Gazelle is one of the most popular options for iPhone owners to get cash for their used smartphones ... I just checked and found out that my iPhone 5s is worth $285 — $335 if it's unlocked."

The accompanying article also pointed to trade-in services from Amazon and eBay as other options for getting some cash back on your "old" iPhone.