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Florida's New Gov. Wants To End A Ban On Smoking Medical Marijuana

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday that he's moving to allow smokeable medical marijuana for patients.
Posted at 6:03 PM, Jan 17, 2019

Florida's new governor Ron DeSantis wants to end a ban on smokable medical marijuana. 

DeSantis announced Thursday that he's asking state legislators to repeal the part of Florida's medical marijuana law that prohibits smokable versions of the cannabis plant. 

Back in 2016, Florida residents voted to approve medical marijuana, but it was limited by lawmakers to exclude the smokable variety. 

A lawsuit was filed last year, claiming the exclusion was unconstitutional, and a judge agreed.

Then, former Gov. Rick Scott appealed that decision, which ultimately put a stop to the sale of cannabis smoking products for medical use. 

DeSantis said he's giving state lawmakers until March to act, or he'll drop the appeal himself. 

Some state legislators have already expressed that they'll work with the governor on bringing that legislation forward.