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One Of The Last Paris Climate Accord Holdouts Just Agreed To Sign

Local media reports Nicaragua initially refused to join because it thought enforcement wasn't strong enough and that it "was not realistic."
Posted at 3:29 PM, Sep 21, 2017

Nicaragua plans to sign the Paris climate agreement — which makes the U.S. and Syria the only two countries not fully on board.

According to local media, Nicaragua initially refused to join because it thought enforcement of the accord wasn't strong enough and that it "was not realistic."

President Daniel Ortega still thinks enforcement of the deal could be stronger. But he says he'll sign it anyway in solidarity with countries most vulnerable to the impact of natural disasters.

President Donald Trump announced in June he would pull the U.S. from the accord, despite global leaders urging him not to do it.

U.S. officials appeared to hold fast to the decision at the United Nations General Assembly this week. 

On Monday, White House economic adviser Gary Cohn reportedly told some foreign ministers the U.S. still plans to exit the agreement, unless it's renegotiated.