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Beats Debuts Music App For iPhone, Android

The service costs $9.99 per month and provides access to more than 20 million songs. Users can download the songs directly to their devices.
Posted at 3:44 PM, Jan 21, 2014

As of Tuesday, iPhone and Android users have yet another music streaming app to choose from.

Dr. Dre and company brought us the trendy, colored Beats headphones and now as an encore — a music service that acts as an online radio station. (Via Beats Electronics)

With access to more than 20 million songs, users have a variety of music to listen to or download directly to their devices. (Via Beats Electronics)

But Beats doesn't offer a free version of the app, as competitors such as Pandora and Spotify do. Aside from a family plan offered by AT&T, you have to pay nearly $10 per month to use the service.

Some say the price tag is worth it, considering individual music albums cost about the same, if not more. (Via The Wall Street Journal)

Others aren't so optimistic. As one writer for CNET puts it, "Will music lovers pony up $10 a month for yet another streaming service when free options abound?"

But the Beats empire believes it offers something unique — a personalized service that gets to know your musical tastes and listening habits. (Via Engadget, Beats Electronics) ​

In a blog post, a representative for Beats writes, "Just tell Beats Music where you are, what you feel like doing, who you're with, and what kind of music you're looking to hear, and we'll take care of the rest."

The Beats Music app will be available to Windows Phone users this Friday.