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Apple's 'Transparent Texting' Could Help You Text And Walk

Apple filed a patent detailing how a transparent background feature would allow texters to continuously see what's behind their phones.
Posted at 1:17 PM, Mar 30, 2014

Texting and walking might soon get a little easier and safer.

Apple is reportedly looking into "transparent texting" that will allow users to send a message and see what's in front of them at the same time. (Via  KNBC)

The technology is actually relatively straightforward. TechCrunch reports a patent circulating Thursday filed back in 2012 explains how the background of a text message can be replaced with a live video feed via an iPhone's camera.

According to PC Magazine, the transparent background would be activated within the texting app — or for the more daring, even applied to other features such as e-books or webpages so users can walk and read without running into obstacles.

Apple has not specified when or even if the technology will be integrated into a software update, but some suggest the newest iOS has the capability to carry the feature whenever it's available.

Apple's newest iOS 7 makeover already uses some transparency features with the new control center and keyboard elements.

And a writer for AppleInsider says a "transparent texting window could even be considered a good fit with the new 'flat,' layered iOS 7 design aesthetic."

But for those who want to get their hands on the tech now, there are some third-party options.

Android users can download Walk N Text, which makes the background of any app transparent with a transparent keyboard overlay.

And for iPhone users, Type n Walk offers the transparency feature with a downside — the app will not directly send the message. Users would have to copy the text from the app and paste it into an existing non-transparent texting app to send it.

It's currently unknown when Apple will offer the feature, but we think you're better off putting the phone away while walking. (Via BuzzFeed)