Women Pose Nude To Send A Message To The Republican Convention

Artist Spencer Tunick tells us about his mass nude project at the Republican convention.
Posted at 3:06 PM, Jul 17, 2016

A hundred women posed nude to send a message to the Republican National Convention: to change Republican rhetoric on women and their bodies.

"Women's rights are very important to me," artist Spencer Tunick told Newsy. "Equal pay and equal representation in the House and the Senate. ... Women will change the world."

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Tunick put together the project and photographed the women along with his wife and collaborator, Kristin Bowler.

"This was a way for these women to come together and speak out with their bodies," Bowler said. 

"The idea was to hold mirrors, shining the knowledge and wisdom of women onto the convention center," Tunick said.

Authorities decided not to interfere and won't take action against Tunick.

Music provided courtesy of APM Music. Additional footage provided courtesy of Joshua Louis Simon.