White House Says It Didn't Tell FBI Deputy Director To Step Down Early

Press secretary Sarah Sanders also said President Trump stands by combative comments he made about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
Posted at 5:12 PM, Jan 29, 2018

Press secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday President Donald Trump is standing by his previous statements on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Multiple reports said McCabe stepped down on Monday. 

Sanders also said Trump "wasn't part of this decision-making process." But Trump and McCabe do have an entangled history. 

Trump tweeted on Dec. 23: "FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. 90 days to go?!!!" He put out another tweet the same day suggesting McCabe was bias against him in the department's Russia investigation because his wife accepted campaign donations from someone tied to Hillary Clinton. 

Trump accused McCabe a day later of allegedly using his FBI email account to promote Clinton's campaign.

Sources told NBC News McCabe will stay on the FBI's payroll until mid-March.