The Words 'Climate Change' Are Tricky On Tangier Island

Even if climate change is accepted science among experts, it remains controversial among the public, including on Tangier Island.
Posted at 7:39 AM, Jun 16, 2017

For three weeks, we're getting off the trail to talk about the people, places and stories that should be getting more attention this campaign season. Our first stop was Tangier Island off the coast of Virginia, which was fascinating for a lot of reasons. 

It's sinking under rising sea levels. It'll be one of the first places in America underwater because of climate change. But those two words, "climate change," are actually really tricky words to use on Tangier Island. Not everybody on the island believes in climate change, even though you can see the very drastic effects of climate change on the island, and even though the Army Corps of Engineers has made Tangier the subject of a lot of studying it's done on the issue of climate change. 

The science behind it is still in dispute on the island, even if there's a consensus within the scientific community.

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