Rex Tillerson: 'I Have Never Considered Leaving This Post'

NBC News reported Wednesday morning that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson considered resigning over the summer amid tensions with the White House.
Posted at 2:45 PM, Oct 04, 2017

At a Wednesday morning news conference, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addressed what he called "erroneously reported" news stories that said he was thinking about leaving his post.

"The vice president has never had to persuade me to remain as secretary of state because I have never considered leaving this post," Tillerson said.

NBC News reported earlier Wednesday that Tillerson was on the verge on resigning over the summer and that Vice President Mike Pence swooped in to counsel him on how to calm tensions with the president.

The outlet also reported Tillerson called Trump a "moron" after a meeting at the Pentagon. When asked about it, Tillerson dodged.

"The places I come from, we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense," Tillerson said. "It is intended to do nothing but divide people, and I'm just not going to be part of this effort to divide this administration."

Tillerson reaffirmed his commitment to the administration and praised Trump, saying that "he loves his country."

"President Trump and his administration will keep moving forward as one team with one mission — doing great things for the United States of America, to make America great again," Tillerson said.