Rep. John Rose's son steals spotlight with funny faces while his dad speaks on House floor

The 6-year-old went viral for his hilarious faces while his dad spoke about the Trump verdict.
Rep. John Rose speaks on the House floor while his son makes silly faces behind him.
Posted at 9:44 PM, Jun 03, 2024

Clips of impassioned lawmakers delivering remarks on the House floor aren't few and far between on social media, but one currently making the rounds isn't doing so for the remarks themselves.

Rather, the clip of Tennessee Republican Rep. John Rose that's now gone viral has spread because of a different character and his response to those remarks — namely, Rose's 6-year-old son, Guy.

Addressing the U.S. House of Representatives Monday, Rose used his five minutes of floor time to denounce the trial and conviction of former President Donald Trump, calling it a "terrible precedent" and a "politically driven prosecution." And while viewers were probably listening to the politician, they almost definitely weren't looking at him, as Guy sat behind him grinning ear-to-ear and staring into the C-SPAN camera, before he took it even further.

The silly scenes continued in spurts throughout Rose's speech without the lawmaker's knowledge, complete with his son rolling his eyes and sticking his tongue out, making hand motions, wiggling a green squish toy and making more hilarious faces.

"This is what I get for telling my son Guy to smile at the camera for his little brother," Rose later said in a post on X with the video.

According to Rose's website, Guy is his first child. He and his wife Chelsea then lost "their expected son" Mack in November 2019 due to pregnancy complications. They had another son named Sam in March of 2021.