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No Labels to unveil 2024 platform; presidential bid remains uncertain

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman are among those touting No Labels, which could be a factor in 2024.
Posted at 7:38 AM, Jul 17, 2023

In politics, there's a tendency to label everything, but what if the labels were dropped? Could a third party actually emerge?

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman will speak on behalf of No Labels at a town hall in New Hampshire, fueling speculation the group is seriously considering their own presidential ticket next year.

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Joe Cunningham is a former Democratic member of Congress and a current member of No Labels. Cunningham tells Scripps News Monday's event is about releasing around 30 policy positions from the border to the economy.

It's not a presidential launch. He said it's possible No Labels nominates someone next year to challenge Democrats and Republicans. 

His group's polling shows more Americans want bipartisan solutions and are not keen on a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump

People with the group No Labels hold signs during a rally on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Will No Labels launch another presidential candidate in 2024?

The group No Labels has had many wondering how they'll influence the next election, but transparency about fundraising could lead to issues.


"What do you say to two-thirds of Americans who say they don't want this rematch? They want other options," Cunningham said.

The group is already generating controversy. No Labels isn't revealing who is funding them. Cunningham said they don't have to because they aren't right now a political campaign being a nonprofit group.

But the lack of transparency is fueling speculation that it could be an effort to impact next year's result. New polling from the Prime Group, a political firm critical of No Labels, shows if the group doesn't run, President Biden would win re-election.

But if No Labels gets in, it shows Trump winning.

Cunningham says if No Labels does announce a launch, it would be to win themselves, not elect someone else.

"We aren't going to do anything to hand over the election to Donald Trump," Cunningham said.

Serious third-party challenges have been rare in recent political history. Ross Perrot launched one in 1992 and 1996. The most he won was 18% of the vote, and he didn't win a single electoral college vote.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, center, poses for a selfie.

More familiar faces to join crowded GOP presidential field

Former VP Mike Pence and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are among Republicans expected to announce their bids for the White House.


On the National Mall in Washington, some Americans said a "No Labels" option might be a good idea. Many are tired of Republicans and Democrats.

"It could be an interesting idea," one person said. "I think there's a lot of people that are probably middle ground."

Meanwhile, others, believe it just won't work.

"I'm pretty stubborn on politics," another voter said."I don't think a lot of people will vote for them."