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How long will this year's primary season go?

Republican presidential candidates are campaigning in New Hampshire before Tuesday's primary, with 22 delegates at stake.
Posted at 2:36 PM, Jan 21, 2024

First, there was Iowa. Now there is New Hampshire.

In many presidential election years, New Hampshire usually marks the beginning of a long and very unpredictable road to the White House. While 2024 will no doubt be unpredictable, how long the primary season is well could come down to the results here Tuesday.

When you drive around New Hampshire, you can't miss the signs that we are in the final hours before the New Hampshire primary.

Over the weekend, it became a two-person race, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropping out and endorsing former President Trump.

While most polls show Trump leading by more than 10 points, many of Haley's supporters are feeling the momentum, and the fanbase is growing.

Meanwhile, for former President Trump, many of his backers have been with him a bit longer; some have been fans of him since the late 1990s.

But voter Robin Summey is still unsure. It's why she went to a Trump rally over the weekend.

“I got to tell him the truth. I am still on the fence; that's why I am here today,” said Summey.

Summey's husband, Larry, isn't undecided, and he thinks a big win by Trump on Tuesday could seal the deal nationally.

“If he gets a big win here, they are going to have a hard time catching him,” said Larry.

To be clear, Trump can't clinch anything mathematically this week or even next month. In February, only the caucuses in Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands are taking place, along with the South Carolina primary, but a poor finish by Haley on Tuesday could end her momentum.

As far as Democrats, don't forget about them.

State law requires a primary to happen on Tuesday too, even though there are no delegates at stake.

Congressman Dean Phillips is hoping a strong finish will give his campaign badly-needed momentum.

Meanwhile, supporters of President Joe Biden are waging a "write-in campaign."

Biden isn't on the ballot because national Democrats decided to start their primary season in South Carolina next month.

GOP candidates intensify their campaigns in New Hampshire
Republican presidential candidate former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley at a campaign event in New Hampshire

GOP candidates intensify their campaigns in New Hampshire

Candidates have to tailor their messages to an electorate very different from Iowa — but no less important to early gains in the nomination race.