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Donald Trump, Nikki Haley go head-to-head in New Hampshire primary

Primary polling trends show the former president with a double-digit lead over Haley as of Tuesday morning.
Posted at 9:47 AM, Jan 23, 2024

Voting is underway as Republican candidates face off in New Hampshire's presidential primary Tuesday.

Former President Donald Trump is considered the heavy favorite over Nikki Haley.

Trump is looking for another large-margin win coming off his Iowa victory, where he really wants to frame this as a race not between him and Haley, but between him and President Joe Biden.

In his final pitch to New Hampshire voters, Trump called on the Republican Party to unify behind him, while ramping up his criticism of Haley, linking her to the Democratic party. 

"The radical left Democrats are supporting Nikki for one simple reason: because they know that she's very easy to beat. And you see that with the polls that just came out tonight. We're beating Biden by so much, [I'll] probably get indicted three or four more times by tomorrow," Trump said Monday night. 

"But I believe she's not electable," he added.

Haley has gained ground in the Granite State and does poll better among independent voters, which can carry more weight in the New Hampshire primary. 

Primary polling trends show Trump with a double-digit lead over Haley, including in the latest poll from Suffolk University, Boston Globe and NBC 10, which showed Trump widening his lead. 

Most people voting for Trump are doing so because they support him, whereas for Haley supporters, more than 40% say they are voting for her because it is a vote against Trump.

Haley takes early lead in New Hampshire with 6 votes in Dixville Notch
A voter casts his ballot in Dixville Notch.

Haley takes early lead in New Hampshire with 6 votes in Dixville Notch

The town, which is about 20 miles from the Canada border, prides itself on being the first in the nation to vote in a presidential primary.


In his final pitch to voters, Trump showcased a number of significant endorsements he has had in the lead-up to the New Hampshire primary, bringing to the stage Vivek Ramaswamy, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, as well as Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina — which is significant given that Scott was a candidate in the GOP primary. 

Among voters in New Hampshire, there are some significant and common themes emerging that Scripps News is hearing on the ground. One is about the dissatisfaction with the Biden administration, and the other is a sense of trust for Trump. 

"I think he can make some things happen that he didn't make happen last time," said New Hampshire primary voter Dean Geas about Trump. "He's just got to take some of the sharp edges off this time, try to pull everybody together. 

Others at the polls also expressed support for Trump. 

"He's a good steward of the economy, a good steward of the border. Believes in freedom, believes in America," said voter Stuart Savage. 

Another voter, Clara Jude, told Scripps News, "I vote for life. I vote pro-life, and he protects the dignity of human life, and it starts at conception." 

Most polls in New Hampshire close at 7 p.m. Tuesday, with some remaining open until 8 p.m. Scripps News will be closely monitoring the race.