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George Papadopoulos On A Pardon And Why He Tried To Contact Russia

In this interview with Newsy, he says he reached out to make contacts with Russia reluctantly and only because President Trump wanted it.
Posted at 2:48 PM, Mar 26, 2019

George Papadopoulos — the first Trump presidential campaign aide charged in the Mueller probe — spoke with Newsy on Tuesday.

In this interview with Newsy's Chance Seales, Papadopoulos says he was reluctant to establish contacts with Russia.

"But I was working with a candidate that wanted to work with Russia," says Papadopoulos, "so I felt like it was part of my job to do my best to make something happen, whether I personally agreed or I didn't."

Newsy will have more of Papadopoulos' interview Tuesday night on "The Why."

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