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EPA Head Scott Pruitt Reportedly Wanted To Take Regular Foreign Trips

Pruitt reportedly asked his staff to come up with official reasons for the trips.
Posted at 11:00 AM, May 05, 2018

Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt reportedly asked his staff to find official reasons to plan regular trips outside the U.S.

Sources told The Washington Post that Pruitt requested trips to Israel, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Panama, Poland, Japan, India and Canada.

Two senators zeroed in on one planned trip to Israel, which was scheduled for February. Days before Pruitt was set to leave, the trip was canceled following news reports of Pruitt's expensive travel habits. The canceled trip was planned in part by a lobbyist and friend of Pruitt.

Newsy previously reported about Pruitt's travel to Morocco, which lasted less than a week and reportedly cost more than $100,000. That trip was also reportedly planned with the help of a lobbyist and close friend of Pruitt.

Pruitt made an official trip to Italy in June last year but has canceled planned trips to Australia and Japan.