Another Former Trump Official Might Register As A Foreign Agent

Paul Manafort has reportedly agreed to register as a foreign agent because of his ties to Ukraine.
Posted at 3:06 PM, Apr 13, 2017

Another former Trump administration official is likely going to register as a foreign agent.

Before Paul Manafort was President Donald Trump's campaign manager, he once was a consultant for former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych.

Last August, reports suggested Manafort might have received more than $12 million in illegal payments while working for Yanukovych's pro-Russian party. Manafort resigned from the Trump campaign shortly after that news came out.

Then in March, an invoice surfaced that appears to show Manafort got another $750,000transfer while he worked for the party.

Now, reports say Manafort is retroactively registering as a foreign agent. Anyone engaging in political activity on behalf of a foreign person, party or organization is required to do that.

Technically, registration is mandatory within 10 days of being hired. But Manafort isn't the only Trump adviser who registered after the fact.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn might have kept his involvement with the government of Turkey under wraps while on the Trump team. He registered as a foreign agent in March.