Mnuchin Assures Senators New Russia Sanctions Are Forthcoming

The Treasury Secretary's statement comes after the Trump administration missed a deadline to impose new sanctions on Russia.
Posted at 12:51 PM, Jan 30, 2018

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin vowed Tuesday that new U.S. sanctions against Russia are forthcoming. 

His statement comes after the Trump administration missed a Monday deadline to impose sanctions against companies and individuals doing significant business with Russian defense and intelligence sectors. 

While testifying in front of the Senate Banking Committee Tuesday, Mnuchin touched on a Treasury list of wealthy Russians and high-ranking Russian politicians released hours earlier.

While the Treasury previously emphasized the report "is not a sanctions list," Mnuchin clarified that doesn't mean the people listed in it won't be sanctioned in the future. He told lawmakers, "There will be sanctions that come out of this report."