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Will The Teacher Walkouts See Results In The Midterms?

After this spring's teacher walkouts, the midterms have seen a wave of education candidates and ballot measures.
Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 05, 2018

This spring, teachers across the country walked out of their classrooms to protest shrinking school budgets.

Now, they're hoping to see some real change in the midterms.

Twelve states have tax or bond-based ballot measures that would increase education funding. 

According to an analysis by the Center for American Progress, those measures are worth at least $2.6 billion in funding for schools.

And in states where teachers protested, they're now running for office. 

More than 1,500 current and former educators ran for office in 2018, according to the National Education Association, the largest teacher union in the country.

In Oklahoma, teachers walked out of their classrooms for 2 weeks to protest low funding for education. That sparked a wave of educators and school staff running for state office. At least 60 made it past the primaries and are on the ballot in the midterms, according to the Oklahoma Education Association.

And Oklahoma's also doing something different this year - some schools are closing or letting out early on election day to encourage school staff and families to vote.

It’s all part of an effort by teachers in these states to make sure education doesn't get put on the backburner come November 6.