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Missouri Legalizes Medical Marijuana

There were three initiatives on the state's ballot this year, but only one passed.
Posted at 1:32 AM, Nov 07, 2018

Missouri voters decided to legalize medical marijuana, after having multiple options to legalize it in the state.

Voters had three different medical marijuana proposals to consider this year: Amendment 2, Amendment 3 and Proposition C. 

Here's how it turned out: Amendment 2 passed, while 3 and C both failed.

All three focused on legalizing growing, manufacturing, selling and consuming marijuana for medicinal use in patients with certain qualifying conditions -- like cancer or epilepsy. They also aimed to set up a system for the state to license and regulate dispensaries, but they all differed slightly.

Amendment 2 will impose a four percent sales tax on medical cannabis, with the revenue going toward veteran health care services. It's the only proposal that allows patients to grow their own marijuana. 

Amendment 3 would have put a 15 percent sales tax on medical marijuana. Those funds would've been used for a drug research and development institute.

And Prop C would have taxed medical marijuana sales by two percent. That money would have been split between veterans services, drug treatment, education and law enforcement.

As if that's not confusing enough, Missouri state law says if two or more constitutional amendments get approved, the one with the most yes votes wins.

And if one of the amendments and Prop C passed, the amendment takes priority over the proposition.

But only Amendment 2 passed on Tuesday.