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History Shows Florida Results Likely Won't Change With Recount

Experts say that although three Florida races triggered a recount, the projected winners will likely keep their lead.
Posted at 6:19 PM, Nov 12, 2018

We're now nearly a week out from midterm elections, and we've got undecided races just about everywhere. Ten House races, the Georgia governor's race, the Arizona Senate race and, once again, it's Florida. Florida. Florida.

Fair Vote is an organization that advocates for electoral reform. Since 2000, it says there have been only 27 major recounts out of 4,687 statewide races. Only three results have changed.

In Florida, the Democrat is leading the agriculture commissioner's race by 5,300 votes. Republican Ron DeSantis is beating Democrat Andrew Gillum by 34,000 votes in the race for governor, and GOP Gov. Rick Scott is beating Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson by 12,500 votes. While these margins are close enough to trigger a recount and Florida has more voters than any of these states, it would be unprecedented for any of these races to flip because of these large deficits.

All eyes are on Broward County. It's a Democratic stronghold and the second-largest county in Florida. The odd thing is, the county reported about 25,000 ballots were cast without a vote in the U.S. Senate race. There will be a machine recount of 700,000 ballots cast by mail during early voting and on Election Day.