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Following Which States Are Spending The Most For Midterm Elections

One estimate says $8.8 billion will be spent on this year's campaigns. For perspective, $3.9 billion was spent in the last big midterm in 2018.
Posted at 8:33 AM, Aug 09, 2022

Like it or not, Nov. 8, Election Day, is quickly approaching. And right now, key decisions are being made by the Democrat and Republican parties on where to spend the money and one which candidates. 

While voting happens in every single county across the country, the reality is that control of Congress is decided by a handful of states. There are a few states you should be paying attention to. 

So, where are the Senate races to watch in 2022? Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are all states that are considered the biggest toss-ups this year for U.S. Senate. The most money will be spent in those states. 

Places like Colorado and New Hampshire favor Democrats, but many Republicans think they could win there, too. As a result, plenty of cash will be spent there, as well. 

Florida, North Carolina and Ohio all lean Republican based on polls, but some Democrats think they have a chance, and as a result, big fundraisers and big checks are being written there, too. 

This midterm election will be the most expensive in those states. One estimate has $8.8 billion expected to be spent on this year's campaigns. For perspective, $3.9 billion was spent in the last big midterm in 2018.

For the moment, the Senate races are attracting the most attention and money. The chamber is split 50-50 and if Republicans pick up just one seat, Sen. Mitch McConnell would lead the Senate again, not Sen. Chuck Schumer. That would severely limit the power of President Biden for the next two years. 

But don't forget about the House of Representatives. Any new law has to pass that chamber, too and every member is up for reelection this year. From California to Virginia, there are competitive races. Right now, Republicans, who are led in the House by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, are projected to take back the majority. If that happens, Speaker Nancy Pelosi could retire from Congress. 

Of course, polls have been wrong before and they could be wrong again. So in short, expect a very competitive and a very costly autumn in this country with control of Congress on the line.

By Joe St. George, Scripps National Desk.