IRS Will Issue Tax Refunds During The Partial Shutdown

The White House's acting budget director says refunds will be issued regardless of how long the partial shutdown last.
Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 07, 2019

No matter how long the government shutdown lasts, don't worry! The IRS will still issue tax refunds. That's according to a senior White House official.

During previous shutdowns, the IRS accepted tax returns, but didn’t offer refunds until the government was back open and funded.

Acting White House budget director Russell Vought told reporters Monday the administration is changing that. Now, the IRS will issue refunds during the partial shutdown in an effort to make it “as painless as possible, consistent with the law.”

Reports suggest the move will likely limit the widespread impact of the shutdown on non-government workers. It’ll also buy lawmakers more time to reach a funding compromise with President Donald Trump, as people expecting a refund won't be waiting for it longer than usual.

A former IRS commissioner told Bloomberg that lawmakers would have felt “excruciating pressure” from the public had people not been able to claim refunds.