Immigrants Are Suing Trump Over Ending Haiti, El Salvador Protections

A lawsuit filed Thursday seeks to block the Trump administration from terminating the Temporary Protected Status for Haiti and El Salvador.
Posted at 11:43 AM, Feb 22, 2018

Immigrants are suing President Donald Trump to block his administration from ending certain protections for Haitians and Salvadorans.

A lawsuit filed Thursday argues the decision to end Temporary Protected Status for Haiti and El Salvador is "tainted by discrimination."

Under TPS, people from certain countries dealing with conflict or disaster can temporarily stay in the U.S. until it's safe to go back.

Haiti was designated after its massive earthquake in 2010, and El Salvador in 2001 after a series of earthquakes.

The plaintiffs argue ending TPS would have devastating effects for the people it protects. They also say Haiti and El Salvador aren't equipped to deal with an influx of returning immigrants.