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At CES, Personal Health Tech Makes Promising Strides

Health and wellness technology has been a fixture at the Consumer Electronics Show for years. A lot of it is getting more practical, too.
Posted at 4:54 PM, Jan 09, 2019

This is the 10th year for the digital health summit at CES. And from pain management to skin cameras, rehab tools to robots, more and more exhibitors have come over the years to showcase technologies to improve health care at home.

Scott Kim of Neofect is presenting at his third CES. For him, health tech is personal. As a child, he was treated for spina bifida. Now, he's showcasing robotic hands and gloves to help people restore their grip.

"Health care is ... like, not the fastest field to catch up with the technology," Kim told Newsy. "Things are slowly but surely catching up. And then there are so many things that technology can do."

Consumer health tech isn't as strictly regulated as most clinical medical devices. In areas like AI, experts think clinical applications are still a ways off, anyway.

But some of the tech on display, like Quell, a wearable band that stimulates nerves to block chronic pain, or Kim's Smart Glove, have already claimed the FDA approvals needed to go to market.