Student calls for gun control, says school shootings are an 'epidemic'

Hundreds of protesters gathered Saturday to plead for gun control.
Posted at 8:08 PM, Apr 01, 2023

Anger and frustration continue in Tennessee and across the nation.

In Franklin, Tennessee—about a half-hour drive from where the school shooting happened in Nashville this week—hundreds of people came out with signs demanding change.

"It doesn't matter anymore if it's a private school or a public school. It doesn't seem to matter how many entrances you have or how many school resource officers you have. Every place is in danger," said Henry Martin, a parent who attended the protest.

The protest was organized by parents who are tired of school shootings and worried about their children.

"We're not calling for the ban of all guns, but there's some very sensible things that we can do as a community to help keep our kids safer," said Jared Sullivan, a parent and event organizer.

The protesters are seeking red-flag laws and safe storage laws.

They also oppose laws that allow people to carry gunswithout a permit, as well as oppose lowering the age of permitless carry, which is currently up for discussion in the Tennessee legislature.

"It all comes down to protecting our children before protecting guns," said Martin.

Hundreds of parents and students enter the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville.

Parents, students march to Tennessee Capitol demanding gun control

Students and parents converged on Tennessee's State Capitol as lawmakers held their first session following Monday's deadly school shooting.


Several students came out, pleading for gun control.

Aayush Kumar, a junior in high school, remembers when the news came out about the Covenant School shooting.

"Most of the school, they were just not even like, angry. They were just disappointed because, wow, this epidemic has finally reached us," said Kumar.

He says not only are gun control laws needed but mental health also needs to be addressed.

"Mental health issues have been a huge concern in regards to school shootings, and it's just not talked about enough. And so maybe if my school did something to address mental health concerns, I could be more at peace at my school. But for now, every day is just rolling the dice, basically," said Kumar.

Martin, whose son is about to enter kindergarten, says he’s already had to have a talk with his son about what to do if he’s ever in danger.

"And I have to explain to my son that, even in this situation where we're all here gathered to promote life and peace, that someone could come in and take over. And I may not be there for him. And that's what we have to talk about. At four years old, he has to learn how to prepare for this world we live in. And that's scary," said Martin.

The rallies and protests are far from over; there will be a school walkout on Monday of students from several schools in Tennessee; they will be walking out of class and going to the State Capitol to demand change.