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General Motors Says New Auto Tariffs Could Be 'Detrimental'

The Commerce Department announced in May that it was considering whether new auto tariffs would help protect America's national security.
Posted at 7:25 PM, Jun 29, 2018

General Motors wants the Trump administration to know it thinks new tariffs on car imports are a bad idea. 

In May, the Commerce Department started looking into how automobile imports affect America's national security — a phrase the Trump administration has used to defend other new tariffs. 

GM submitted a public comment explaining why it believes new auto tariffs "may jeopardize" both our economy and national security. The company connects the strength of the U.S. economy with global security. 

The automaker said "overly broad and steep" tariffs could negatively affect manufacturing costs and global competitiveness. It noted that a new auto tariff on top of the recently enacted taxes on steel, aluminum and Chinese imports could be "detrimental."

GM wrote, "U.S. auto companies need U.S. trade deals that recognize the strength that comes from global operations and a global supply chain."