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Disagreement Over Paris Deal Re-emerges During US-Norway Talk

Norway's prime minister advocated for her country's strong environmental policies during a meeting with President Donald Trump.
Posted at 6:35 PM, Jan 10, 2018

After the U.S. withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg made clear her disagreement. That disagreement re-emerged when she met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

When asked about the Paris climate agreement, Trump reiterated his argument that it was "very unfair." Solberg responded by advocating for her country's own strong environmental policies.

"There are business opportunities in this, as we talked about during this, because we have strict regulations to reach our Paris targets," Solberg said. "That means that we have very strong policies for environmental-friendly and climate-friendly technology."

Working to cut down on carbon and gas emissions, Norway exempts electric cars from taxes. As a result, almost half of the new cars in the country are electric.

Responding to Trump's public doubt regarding the science behind global warming, Solberg told The Washington Post: "We believe that the science is proof."

Despite their disagreements about the environment, Solberg and Trump found common ground in trade and military power.