DOJ Drops All Charges Against Sen. Bob Menendez

The department said it wanted a retrial just under two weeks ago.
Posted at 6:35 PM, Jan 31, 2018

The Justice Department dropped its case against Sen. Bob Menendez on Wednesday. 

The New Jersey Democrat said in response to the decision, "From the very beginning, I never wavered in my innocence and my belief that justice would prevail."

The tides have been turning for Menendez. He and his co-defendant Salomon Melgen were initially facing 18 counts of corruption from 2015, but they were acquitted of seven of those last week.

The news is great for the Democratic Party as well. Menendez is facing re-election this year and was considered a safe bet to win, but he might have lost ground with voters if he were undergoing a corruption trial.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.