AP source: Trump team turns over items marked as classified

Pages with classified markings were turned over to federal investigators on the same day another was found at former Vice President Mike Pence's home.
Documents seized during a search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate are strewn on the floor.
Posted at 8:33 PM, Feb 10, 2023

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump have in recent months turned over to federal investigators additional documents with classified markings as well as a laptop belonging to a Trump aide, a person familiar with the situation said Friday night.

The lawyers also provided an empty folder with classified markings, according to the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press to discuss an ongoing investigation.

A Justice Department special counsel has been investigating the retention by Trump of hundreds of documents marked as classified at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. FBI agents who served a search warrant at the property in August recovered roughly 100 classified documents, including records classified at the top-secret level. A federal grand jury has been hearing evidence in the case for months.

ABC News first reported the discovery of the additional documents.

AP source: Pence subpoenaed by special counsel probing Trump

AP source: Pence subpoenaed by special counsel probing Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence may have to testify against his former boss as he considers his own 2024 presidential bid.


The person familiar with the matter said a handful of pages with classified markings were found during a search weeks ago at the Mar-a-Lago complex that was supervised by the Trump legal team, and were promptly provided to the Justice Department. The documents were found in a box containing thousands of pages, the person said.

Separately on Friday, the FBI searched the Indiana home of former Vice President Mike Pence and found an additional document with classified markings, following the discovery by his lawyers last month of sensitive documents. FBI officials have also searched the Delaware homes of President Joe Biden after his lawyers found documents with classified markings at his former office in Washington and at his Wilmington property.

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