America Forward: A franchise focused on solutions

The stories in this series will feature people bringing solutions to America's most challenging issues.
Posted at 4:58 PM, Sep 07, 2023

Introducing America Forward: A franchise focused on solutions to our complex challenges.

Whenever I tell someone's story, I get absorbed.

In this job, I get to travel the country and take in the scenery. But what sticks are the people: Entering their homes, seeing pictures of their kids, learning their challenges, and witnessing what they're doing about it.

That's the heart behind our new series, America Forward.

There are complex challenges facing our communities, cities, and our country. We'll introduce you to the people trying to solve them. Some work in office buildings, while others work from home. They're all trying to do something.

This isn't a coat of rose-colored paint over difficult issues. This is a look at solutions and the people putting them in action. We will be absorbed, and we think you will be too, in the stories of the people moving America forward.