2016 Koch Fundraising Would Rival Republicans, Democrats

Freedom Partners, the group run by Koch employees, aims to raise $889 million to influence the 2016 elections.
Posted at 11:57 PM, Jan 26, 2015

David and Charles Koch are Democrats' favorite bad guys.

"These men are trying to buy America," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said.

"If they were one person, they'd be the richest person in America," Rachel Maddow said on MSNBC.

Now the Kochs' political network is getting ready to raise an unprecedented sum of money for the next elections: $889 million.

That's the target for the Koch brothers' Freedom Partners fundraising group. That includes money for grassroots activism and advertising leading up to 2016.

To put that number in perspective, in the 2012 cycle, the Republican National Committee spent $404 million — Democrats, $319 million. And the Koch network then raised only $236 million. (Via Open Secrets)

A lot of that money went to Tea Party groups and to activists set on dismantling the Affordable Care Act. 

That and fighting new environmental regulations will likely be the political network's main focus in the next elections. The Kochs themselves made much of their money in oil refineries.