'Miller High Life' Actor Windell D. Middlebrooks Dead At 36

Windell D. Middlebrooks died this week. Sources say it was Monday or Tuesday. He was best known for being the "Miller High Life" guy.
Posted at 7:41 AM, Mar 11, 2015

Actor Windell D. Middlebrooks died at his home earlier this week. You may recognize him as the "Miller High Life" guy. 

"Alright boys, we take it back to high life ... C'mon boys, I need to smell me a hot dog or something just to know I'm alive. Whoo! Let me pass out some high life!" (Video via Miller High Life)

IMDb listed his date of death as Tuesday, March 10, but TMZ, citing "sources close to" the actor, wrote he was found unconscious at his home in California Monday and pronounced dead at a hospital.

Aside from Miller commercials, Middlebrooks made appearances in "Body of Proof," "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "Scrubs."

Miller tweeted out its condolences, writing: "Raising a glass to our favorite delivery guy." and "The High Life lives on with you in our hearts."

Middlebrooks was 36 years old. A cause of death has not yet been released.

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