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British Airways crew serves KFC on flight

Passengers had mixed reviews about the finger-licking meal.
A British Airways flight taking off.
Posted at 11:47 AM, Jul 27, 2023

Airplane food isn’t exactly known for being gourmet, but passengers on a recent British Airways flight had another type of usual food experience. The flight attendants handed out KFC.

This wasn’t some special promotion with Colonel Sanders — it was a last-minute scramble to provide sustenance. On the 12-hour flight from Turks and Caicos to London, a refrigeration issue forced the flight crew to throw out the meal service food and turn to an alternative catering option.

“With limited options available at the airport, our teams sprung into action and made sure our customers onboard our flight had something to eat,” a British Airways spokesperson told Australian media outlet The spokesperson then added that the crew had to “wing it” (pun likely intended).

In this age of social media, there was plenty of online chatter about the situation.

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An Instagram user named Ian Morgan posted a video of the flight attendants using tongs to hand out bone-in chicken legs from the iconic KFC buckets. “On the scheduled stop at Bahamas they got Kfc buckets and handed out ONE chicken leg per passenger, absolute disgrace, they then said they would be handing out vouchers as we left the plane which myself and travel partner never received,” he wrote.

His video prompted many commiserating comments, but also some that defended the airline.

“The same people moaning on here would be moaning even louder if they hadn’t been provided any food,” wrote Instagrammer chiefwakawaka. “At least an alternative was provided in the circumstances and I’d imagine some further sort of compensation would have been doled out.”

Piper Hanchell, another commenter who was also on the flight, complained about the situation. But she also wrote that it was “the best KFC I’ve ever had.”

And finally, another passenger, Twitter user Andrew Bailey, posted a photo of a girl with her portion of chicken.

Frankly, she looks pretty happy about her meal! Would you want to eat KFC on your next flight?

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