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Air Pressure: A special report on America's struggling airlines

Scripps News investigates how demand, training and safety issues are combining to pressure airlines like never before.
Posted at 10:24 PM, Jul 26, 2023

Under unprecedented strain, airlines are facing monster demand for summer travel that far outpaces their ability to meet it.  

From staffing shortages inside airports, to the pilots needed to fly planes, to the air traffic controllers needed to guide them safely, what is the reality for travelers? 

All this comes as concern over safety reaches new heights, with several reported near-misses.  

Still, Congress is considering a significant move to reverse a rule — inspired by tragedy — to dramatically reduce the experience required for new airline pilots. 

Air traffic controller

There are growing concerns over an air traffic control shortage

A training backlog has left many would-be controllers out of official jobs, and left control facilities woefully understaffed.


Join Scripps News for a special report on the state of U.S. airlines, as we investigate an uptick in serious incidents, and hear from pilots who are facing more pressure than ever.