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Safety regulators issue alert for birria-inspired beef soup product

The soup products were sold at Whole Foods. A store employee discovered the products had some incorrect labeling issues on the containers.
24-oz. plastic cups labeled “WHOLE FOODS MARKET KITCHENS Birria-Inspired Beef Soup with Hominy”
Posted at 2:54 PM, Dec 09, 2023

U.S. food safety regulators have issued an alert for a soup product sold at Whole Foods stores that has incorrect labeling for the product inside the containers. 

The public health alert was issued for a birria-inspired beef soup product for misbranding issues, along with an undeclared allergen warning. The soups that are labeled as a birria-inspired beef soup may actually contain a plant-based chicken noodle soup that includes sesame, which is a known allergen - it is not declared on the product label, the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service said. 

Since the products are no longer available for customers to purchase, a recall was not issued - just an alert to consumers. 

1,377 pounds of precooked chicken from Wayne Farms, LLC recalled
Chicken products from Wayne Farms, LLC

1,377 pounds of precooked chicken from Wayne Farms, LLC recalled

Wayne Farms, LLC holds its main operations in Decatur, Alabama. It issued a recall affecting its 9-pound boxes containing 12-packs of chicken.


The 24 oz. plastic containers are labeled with "Whole Foods Market Kitchens Birria-Inspired Beef Soup with Homin," with a "Use By" date of 01/02/24, and the lot code 11183. The top label on the containers says "Whole Foods Market Kitchens plant-based chicken noodle soup made with plant-based protein. Does not contain chicken." 

This labeling was determined to be incorrect because consumers may see the beef soup label and not realize there is plant-based chicken noodle soup inside. 

The soup products were known to have been shipped to states including, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

A store employee noticed the discrepancy in the labeling and alerted proper authorities so that the FSIS could be alerted. There have been no known reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of the soups. 

Food safety regulators urge anyone who believes they may be experiencing an adverse reaction to consuming the product to contact their health care provider. 

If consumers have these product in their refrigerator, FSIS has urged people to return the product to the point of purchase.