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Honda, Acura recall 450,000 vehicles for faulty seat belts

Honda and Acura models from 2017-20 are among those part of the recall.
The Honda CR-V
Posted at 3:33 PM, Mar 15, 2023

Nearly 450,000 Honda and Acura models made from 2017-20 are being recalled due to faulty recalls, the company announced Wednesday. 

Honda said it has has received 301 warranty claims related to the issue between March 22, 2019 and January 16, 2023. No injuries have been reported as a result of the faulty seat belts. 

Recalled vehicles include:

- Honda CR-V (2017-20)

-  Honda Accord (2018-19)

- Honda Accord Hybrid (2018-19)

-  Honda Odyssey (2018-20)

- Acura RDX (2019-20)

- Honda Insight (2019)

According to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda first observed a potential trend in seat belt latching in June 2019. 

By November 2019, Honda observed that low temperatures caused contraction in the seat belt buckle channel. Honda noticed the surface coating could degrade. 

Registered owners will be contacted and asked to take their vehicle to a Honda dealer. The dealers will replace the driver and passenger front seat belt buckle release buttons.

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