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This company is using 'robot elves' to send free cards from Santa

Santa's elves are using artificial intelligence and robots this year to produce and send cards to children.
Christmas cards from the North Pole
Posted at 4:23 PM, Dec 08, 2023

This year, Santa is sending out free holiday cards with the help of robot elves to spread holiday cheer.

“Santa reached out a couple months ago and he asked us to help him with his holiday cards,” said David Wachs, the CEO of Handwrytten. Handwrytten is an automated handwriting solutions company.

“We offered to assist him with his holiday cards. He said he’s just a little long in the beard these days, he doesn't have as much time,” Wachs said.

So the company is using their artificial intelligence robot to help.

“He provided us with samples of his handwriting, we duplicated it, and now all the notes are written in red pen on these beautiful foil cards in Santa’s handwriting,” Wachs said.

Each card comes from the North Pole, scented with cinnamon and decorated with snow.

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About 14,975 feet of ribbon, over 350 candles, over 33,892 ornaments and over 22,100 bells were used to make the magic happen.


“Parents and friends and loved ones can go there and send two free cards from Santa to their loved ones, their children,” he said.

You can request a card by going to and signing up with your email to receive a code. Then, you can write the message you want written in Santa’s handwriting, and send it to the appropriate address.

The company recommends placing orders before Dec. 15.

“We’re just thrilled to spread a little holiday cheer here and offer some kids some free cards from Santa Claus and spread that magic,” Wachs said.

Handwrytten has worked with Pilot Pens to put this together.

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