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St. Patrick's Day rites: parades, bagpipes, clinking pints

Cities across the country are paying homage to Ireland's patron saint.
Posted at 2:03 PM, Mar 17, 2023

Oh, Danny boy, 'tis the time of year when Irish bagpipes will be calling in the concrete glens of New York City, across the swooning boughs of Savannah, Georgia, and in the halls of the White House as the U.S. celebrates St. Patrick's Day with parades, pub crawls and a state visit.

The annual parade in New York City — which bills itself as the world's largest and oldest — will draw throngs to Fifth Avenue to listen to bagpipes and bands, and give homage to Ireland's patron saint.

Chicago River being sprayed green.

St. Patrick's Day tradition: Why Chicago dyes its river green

About 40 pounds of green dye are dumped into the river each year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


In Savannah, Georgia, paradegoers plant their lawn chairs in prime viewing areas to watch a flow of floats, dancers and marching bands. The city's annual parade is one of the largest and draws visitors from near and far.

Some cities including Chicago, which dyes its river green to commemorate a day when everyone pretends to be Irish, already held their parades last weekend. Other cities, including Boston, will hold parades and other festivities this weekend.

People celebrating St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City.

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But their streets will nevertheless be awash in green Friday evening, as revelers raise pints in pubs and bars.

Also flowing green will be the fountain on the South Lawn of the White House as President Joe Biden, who often speaks of his Irish heritage, welcomes Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar for a longstanding meetup between the two heads of state that had been delayed two years by the COVID-19 pandemic.