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Letters To Santa? How About Calling, Texting Or Emailing Him This Year

Here's a holiday freebie parents will appreciate: You can help your kids call, text, email or even FaceTime Santa, and these services are all free.
Santa chats with children in a video conference
Posted at 1:42 PM, Dec 05, 2022

Christmas is almost here, which means it's time for kids to start the age-old ritual of writing to Santa. But instead of reaching for paper and pencil, kids might prefer to call or text Santa. That's right: Santa Claus is just a text away, and we promise he won't leave you on read.

Here are a few ways that kids (and kids at heart) can reach out to Santa via the phone this year. 

How To Call Santa

Santa isn't sitting in a boardroom fielding conference calls, but FreeConferenceCall.comis hosting a Santa Hotline that you can access anytime, 24/7, until Christmas Day. All you have to do is call 605-313-0691, and your kids will hear a special voice recording from Santa. Spanish-speaking families can dial 605-313-4001 to speak with Santa in Spanish.

Then, kids can leave a message for the man himself detailing their Christmas wishes. If you call from your mobile phone, you will receive a text back from Santa letting you know he received your message and wishing your family a merry holiday.

The Science Of Santa Claus

The Science Of Santa Claus

Bruce Hall's latest children's book attempts to answer the hypothetical science behind Santa Claus.


How To Text Santa

Have your kids send Santa a text message with their Christmas list. All you have to do is text 833-798-0109 to access this free Santa text from SimpleTexting. They can even share a photo, such as their Christmas tree or the milk and cookies they are going to leave out for him (don't forget the carrot for Rudolph!). You will receive an auto-response from Santa so your kids will know that he received the message and is working hard to make their holiday wishes come true.

Pro tip: Screenshot your kids' text to Santa Claus so you can share it with family members who want to know what to buy your little ones.

Email Santa

If you're looking for a safe, hassle-free way to have your kids email Santa, use the tried and true program. This is a great way to contact with Santa because it teaches kids not to give out personal information online (like their address, email, or phone number). Instead, they fill out a holiday letter online and can then choose from receiving a letter back from Santa immediately or watching a video of him live as he receives letters. Kids can even send a letter to Rudolph and the reindeer!

FaceTime Santa

If you have an iPhone, you can FaceTime Santa with free apps like Video Call Santa. The video is prerecorded, but younger kids won't be able to tell, so this is a really fun way to bring Santa to life with the power of technology.