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Don't want to wait in crowds? Visit with Santa virtually this year!

No need to wait in line and join crowds. Plus, this virtual option features ASL and Spanish options so more can delight in a visit with Kriss Kringle.
Posted at 5:05 PM, Dec 09, 2023

Oh, Santa Claus. He sure is busy this time of year, but he has to find out who has been naughty or nice before setting out in his sleigh to deliver all of those presents in the cold or warm weather, depending on which hemisphere children are in on Christmas Eve. 

His magical sleigh is fast, but with modern problems come modern conveniences. 

So, what better way to help Saint Nick save some time than to visit with the big bearded guy virtually? That's now an option with the Visit with Santa service. 

What's even more special about this new way to connect with Father Christmas is there are ASL and Spanish options so that more children can comfortably try and convince Kriss Kringle that they have been nice this year. It's the best way to ensure kids get the gifts they want on Christmas morning, right?

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Santa was able to set aside some time to speak to Scripps News, and he said the new virtual way to get in touch is a welcome addition to his workshop as he prepares for the big night of gift giving. 

Alexa Liacko tried to press him on which cookies are his favorite, so that parents can be sure they leave out his favorite treats for after he slips down the chimney, but he was cagey on the topic. 

He asked Liacko which cookies she likes best. Those would be white chocolate chip macadamia of course. We think it might be safe to say that Santa likes all types of cookies. As long as they are the parent's favorite, Santa seems OK with that. 

So, if families across the U.S. just don't want go out into the crowds and lines of shoppers this holiday season to talk with Santa, try connecting with him virtually. 

We're sure Mrs Claus won't mind having him home more often, even if he is working remote.