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Pope Francis Rejects Proposal Allowing Married Men In Clergy

Amazonian priests hoped allowing married men in the clergy would solve their shortages in rural areas.
Posted at 2:23 PM, Feb 12, 2020

Pope Francis vetoed a proposal which would have allowed married men in rural areas to become priests.

The pope rejected a proposal Wednesday sent by bishops in the Amazon, who hoped allowing married men in the clergy would help address their shortage of priests.

In an address, Pope Francis told the South American clergy to pray for more priests and send missionaries to remote areas where people can go years without a Catholic mass.

The move disappointed progressive Catholics, who believed the pope would at least put these topics up for debate. It pleased conservative Catholics, however, who believed breaking the celibacy vow would become a slippery slope to ending other church traditions.

Pope Francis also denied a proposal allowing women to become deacons.