Yahoo's Streaming Video Push Could Include 'Enlisted'

The Internet giant is in talks to revive the cancelled Fox comedy, the latest in a string of high-profile moves toward streaming video.
Posted at 11:35 PM, Jul 14, 2014

Yahoo is taking another step toward becoming a contender in the online streaming video market.

Deadline reports the company is in talks to revive another canceled TV show, this time Fox's comedy "Enlisted."

The slapstick comedy, penned by Kevin Biegel, didn't even make it to the end of its first season before FOX pulled the plug, despite praise from critics. (Via Fox Broadcasting Co. / "Enlisted")

Biegel thanked loyal fans on Twitter for drawing enough attention to the show to give it this possible second chance. (Via Twitter / @kbiegel)

Does this whole scenario sound familiar? Well, it should.

Yahoo also picked up "Community" last month amid fan uproar following the show's cancelation by NBC. (Via NBC / "Community")

Online video streaming is already a crowded market with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime leading the pack, but Yahoo has proven over the last few months it's anxious to jump into the fray.

The company announced back in April it had ordered two brand-new, original, half-hour comedy series to be shown exclusively on Yahoo Screen. (Via The Verge)

It also got Katie Couric to ditch TV and become lead anchor for Yahoo News.

Yahoo also made a deal with Live Nation to stream concerts, kicking off Tuesday with a performance from Dave Matthews Band.

The company even bought video streaming platform RayV last week for an undisclosed amount in hopes of bringing higher-quality streams to users. (Via Tumblr / Yahoo)

But as a writer for Seeking Alpha points out, the company has yet to reveal its business model for all this streaming video, so it's still unclear how Yahoo stands to profit from all of this.

Investors are likely watching Yahoo closely as it makes this transition into streaming video. The company is set to announce its first quarter numbers Tuesday, and analysts predict a poor showing due to slow revenue growth.