Why $1M Paychecks Don't Make 'Big Bang' The New 'Friends'

The stars of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" will start earning $1 million per episode. "Friends" comparisons are unavoidable but inaccurate. Here's why.
Posted at 5:23 PM, Aug 04, 2014

Well, this is definitely evidence for that whole "nerds tend to become really successful" theory.

The central stars of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" will now make $1 million each per episode, according to Deadline Hollywood. That's after renegotiating their contracts. 

The $1 million-per-episode milestone hasn't been seen since 2002 when the cast of NBC's "Friends" got a similar deal. Those paychecks were groundbreaking, and no one's come close since. 

The comparisons are unavoidable. And the $1 million paychecks are staggering, especially in today's day and age — when network television isn't what it used to be. (Via TV.com, The Inquisitr)

"Big Bang" continues to be a ratings juggernaut for CBS — keeping the network on top, and only getting better with each season. (Via Variety)

Its most recent finale was the show's most-watched ever with 16.3 million viewers tuning in. (Via Entertainment Weekly)

Yet, for comparison's sake, the "Friends" season premiere in 2002 more than doubled that — with 34 million viewers. (Via People)

And factor in inflation here. If they were really getting "Friends"-level paychecks, the "Big Bang" stars would get more than $1.3 million an episode today. Plus, all six members of the "Friends" cast got that money. (Via Getty Images)

For "Big Bang," it's only Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco who will make the megamillions — getting $1 million for each of 72 episodes to be filmed over the next three seasons of the show. Before this, they were making a rumored $325,000 each per ep. (Via Getty Images)

And Deadline is saying they'll also get other perks like more ownership in the show — meaning more money. Head to Deadline for the details.

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