Who Is The Man Behind The America Ferrera Dress Stunt?

Vitalii Sediuk, the man who reportedly dove under America Ferrera's dress at the Cannes Film Festival, is a notorius celebrity prankster.
Posted at 12:36 PM, May 17, 2014

You might know him as the man who recently pulled this stunt at the Cannes Film Festival.

"A Ukrainian prankster dove under the dress of actress America Ferrera. You may remember her in the TV show Ugly Betty. Security quickly pulled the man away from the actress." (Via WSBT)

But you may not know — pranks like this have put Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 reporter Vitalii Sediuk in the celebrity world spotlight for years now. (Via Entertainment Tonight)

The Daily Mail has pegged Sediuk as the "pest" behind the Cannes dress incident after identifying him in several pictures taken during the incident.

Honestly, we would be shocked if the culprit who dove under America Ferrera's dress wasn't​ Sediuk.

Considering he made headlines for attempting to slap a wet one on Will Smith at a Moscow event promoting "Men in Black III" in 2012, crashing the 2013 Grammys to steal the show as singer Adele walked up to receive an award and sticking his face right in Bradley Cooper's nether regions at the SAG Awards in January. (Via The Guardian, Spin, Us Weekly)

Oh, and did we mention after he tried to show up Adele at the Grammy's, he waltzed onto the red carpet in a swan dress? (Via YouTube / Robby Redford)

The actress told The Hollywood Reporter Friday she was a little shaken up by the incident. But she didn't let it stop her from enjoying the premiere of her new film, "How to Train Your Dragon 2."

It's unclear if Ferrera plans to press any charges. But if she does, Sediuk might not be too shocked. He's faced serious charges for his infamous pranks in the past. (Via KCBS)

He managed to skirt past a reported six-month jail sentence and $1,000 fine for his stunt at the Grammys in 2013. (Via TMZ)

And authorities have banned him from stepping foot anywhere on L.A. Live, the entertainment complex that houses the Staples Center and the Nokia Theatre.

Sediuk has issued apologies for almost every "prank" he's ever pulled. Some see him as a harmless oddball who likes to make a little trouble at A-list events.

But a writer for The Washington Post says otherwise. "These are not only totally unrevealing stunts... They are assault. Just because they happen to men as well ... as women does not mean they should be treated as examples of puckishness or pranksterism."

And Jezebel agrees. "That's not a 'prank.' A 'prank' is gluing quarters to the floor in the lobby and then snickering as people try to bend over and pick them up... A 'prank' is not looking up someone's skirt."

When Sediuk isn't wreaking havoc on celebrity events, he actually conducts somewhat normal celebrity interviews for Ukrainian TV station 1+1. (Via YouTube / Vitalii Sediuk)

No word on if, or when, he plans to retire from his notorious stunts — we'd guess he'd cut it out after a few days in a jail cell.