And The Emmy Goes To ... A Show No One's Heard Of?

Streaming platforms have taken over the Emmys, but a recent survey by Katz Media Group shows many people haven't heard of their shows.
Posted at 3:39 PM, Sep 17, 2017

The Emmy Awards look to bounce back Sunday night after two straight years of the worst ratings in its history. 

But if the trick to an awards show is people recognizing the shows up for awards, this year's Emmys may be in trouble, too.

A recent survey by Katz Media Group found that not only have most Americans not seen many of the shows nominated for Outstanding Drama and Outstanding Comedy, but a majority hadn't even heard of them.

The most-watched nominee this year is ABC's "Modern Family." Still, only 56 percent of those surveyed had ever seen an episode, and it's been around for eight seasons. 

Just four of the 14 shows in those categories have had more 20 percent of respondents see an episode.

Now, the survey's sample size was fairly small, but it still points to a great divide. Broadcast networks only got three nominations, but their shows were the most well-known.

A spokesperson for Katz Media told Variety: "These other series [on cable and streaming] are very well-received and critically acclaimed, but ... people are still having a hard time finding them. Many viewers don't even know that they exist."

Netflix, HBO, FX and Hulu each have at least one nominated show that half of — or more than half of — Americans have never heard of.

In Netflix's case, it has three such shows. That makes sense, considering just 51 percent of the adults Katz surveyed subscribe to streaming services.

The least-recognized show? Netflix's "Master of None." Seventy-six percent of Americans surveyed didn't recognize the series.