Kim Cattrall will play Samantha in ‘And Just Like That…’ season 2

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Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis.
Posted at 6:11 PM, Jun 02, 2023

Carrie Bradshaw of the iconic “Sex and The City” once said that friendships never go out of style. Unfortunately, real life can be more complicated than television. It’s been rumored for years that Kim Cattrall, who played the role of Samantha in the hit series, had a major falling out with the other “SATC’ women, and that she would not be part of the cast of “And Just Like That…,” the HBO Max revival of the original series.

But, it seems that the four women have mended fences … well, sort of. Variety has reported that Cattrall will be in the season 2 finale of “And Just Like That…” However, this won’t be a permanent return to the role of Samantha. Cattrall will only be in one scene.

Considering the state of Cattrall’s relationships with the other women, particularly Sarah Jessica Parker, it still seems miraculous that she agreed to film even one scene.

As far back as 2004, Cattrall had spoken publicly about her experience on “Sex and the City,” implying that she was vastly underpaid compared to Parker. In the years following, rumors flew that the pair were no longer on speaking terms and that the filming of the 2008 “Sex and the City” movie and its 2010 sequel were awkward due to the tension between the pair. Later, the hope of a third movie was canceled, with many believing that Cattrall’s reluctance to work with the rest of the cast was the reason.

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“This is really where I take to task the people from ‘Sex and the City,’ and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker,” she said in a 2017 interview with Piers Morgan. “I think she could’ve been nicer. I really think she could’ve been nicer. I don’t know what her issue is.

Just last year, Sarah Jessica Parker had been open about her distaste for Cattrall’s comments. On THR’s “Awards Chatter” podcast, Parker spoke with Scott Feinberg about the rift, saying that Cattrall’s version of events was not the whole story.

“I’ve spent a lot of years working really hard to always be decent to everybody on the set, to take care of people, to be responsible to and for people, both my employers and the people that I feel I’m responsible for as a producer of the show,” the 58-year-old said. “And there just isn’t anyone else who’s ever talked about me this way.”

Parker also did an interview with Variety in 2022 in which she said she would not want to have Cattrall on “And Just Like That…”

“I don’t think I would, because I think there’s just too much public history of feelings on her part that she’s shared,” Parker said. “I haven’t participated in or read articles, although people are inclined to let me know.”

However, it seems that Parker and Cattrall have come to some sort of compromise. You will be able to view her scene in the season 2 finale in August 2023.

This story was originally published by Bridget Sharkey at Simplemost.