BBC Show Under Fire After Jimmy Carr's Dwarf Joke

U.K. media regulator Ofcom is investigating "The One Show" after complaints about comedian Jimmy Carr's joke about dwarfs.
Posted at 9:13 AM, Nov 25, 2015

English comedian Jimmy Carr made a joke about dwarfs on BBC talk show "The One Show," and some viewers weren't too happy. 

Two people complained to U.K. broadcasting regulator Ofcom, according to the Daily Mail. Ofcom said it is investigating Carr's off-color jokes — which the comedian kind of predicted.

"If you're a dwarf and you're offended by that, grow up," Carr said on the show.

A spokesperson for Ofcom told the Daily Mail, "We're investigating whether potentially discriminatory comments in this programme met generally accepted standards."

As The Telegraph points out, it's unusual for the group to open an investigation after just two complaints. Some have speculated Ofcom is trying to "make an example of the incident."

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