1 Thing Bugs Barbara Eden On 50-Year 'Jeannie' Anniversary

Barbara Eden joined NBC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of "I Dream Of Jeannie." Eden said the show made a huge mistake during its run.
Posted at 12:16 PM, Jul 16, 2015

Barbara Eden joined NBC Thursday morning for the 50th anniversary of "I Dream of Jeannie." 

But the iconic show, which is well-known across all generations, made one mistake in Eden's eyes: Major Nelson marrying Jeannie.

"She wasn't human. ... She thought she was and he knew she wasn't. ... It just ruined the show. ... I think it broke credibility," she explained. 

Eden also talked about the famous pink outfit, explaining how NBC executives wouldn't let her show her belly button.

"They became very strict about the navel ... very strict about the pantaloons. They had to be very shadowed so you couldn't see my legs," she said. 

Eden says she was perfectly fine with being remembered as Jeannie, despite having a long career both before and after her time on the show.

She says that Jeannie is "easy to live with" and she loves "going to Europe and have people come up to [her] because the show's still on."

This video includes images from Getty Images.