Top 3 Curious Animals Of The Week

This week we focus on curious animals, including a cheetah who finds a camera, a deer who scampers through a store and an inquisitive elk on a trampoline.
Posted at 3:54 PM, Nov 08, 2013

(Image source: WCAX)






We've compiled a list of the three most curious animals making headlines this week.


Let's start with a spotted feline. This curious kitty found what it thought was a cat toy — or maybe even catnip? (Via WHBQ)


"The cheetah starts sniffing the suspicious device, and then he licks it. The tour guide says he left the camera in the African wilderness on purpose to catch moments like this. How cute is that?" (Via Fox News)


That's definitely adorable. Eventually the big cat walked away. Good thing that in this case, curiousity did not kill the cat.


Our second spot goes to a deer that led itself into a grocery store. Maybe it was looking for a fawn-due pot? (Via WGNO)


"See the 10-point buck go through the front door, then watch there on the left as he runs through the produce section, then he runs through the bathrooms. Cameras didn't catch it, but the deer walked into the back of a liquor truck." (Via HLN)


The kind workers took the deer to the woods, where it was safely set free. Maybe nature called and the deer just really, really had to use the restroom. (Via WKRN)


And for our top curious pick of the week ... drum roll, please ... an elk was a little too eager to try out a trampoline. (Via WCAX)


"A group of young elk wandered into the backyard that had an enclosed trampoline. One elk hopped aboard to have some fun and then needed a little help from its friends to get around the safety net." (Via NBC)


The elk safely found something else to play with in a different neck of the woods after that. Make sure to tune in next week for our next top-three pick!